Thursday, 24 March 2011

New Ap to make your life easier, and cooler

A new Phone ap released that you should enjoy :)

You can now download anything from the web, by just TOUCHING and HOLDING the image, video or link. Introducing the Tanso Download Manager Plus. This powerful application allows you to download multimedia files to your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can then view or play the downloaded files right on your mobile device. Serving as a small portable disc, you can take copies of important documents wherever you need to. The possibilities are endless and you'll be amazed at its practicality.
Tanso Download ManagerAvailable on the App Store
Download and storage of multimedia(movies, images, audio files etc…)
Organize your saved files using our simple file manager system
Support PDF documents open any pdf file
Supports compression files .zip, .rar and .gzip
Save your bandwidth option to download large files on WIFI only
Protect your files with a built in passcode security lock
Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iOs 4.0 or later.
Support Need help? Get in touch with us at