Friday, 25 February 2011

Games in the Veins

Some of you already know me and know that I'm not exactly a MODERATION gamer, I'm on a lot and I like to be very good at the games I play. I used to do tournaments and GB's and Fraggnation leaderboards, I've been in clans, some of you I met in TG, and as some of you may also know I went through a rough patch about 6 months ago where I ended up selling my Xbox and taking time to take care of "myself". Which is an indication that even if your "addicted to gaming" which I believe I am, you can still prioritize what's important.

Now that I've gotten "back on my feet" and have returned to the Xbox and gaming community I usually play games in most of my free time (which is a lot when I'm not busy with work) I can see how gaming can be linked to anxiety, depression and bad grades, but so can anything else. In high school I had bad grades but I was also a star basketball player on my team and never really touched video games except when it was raining, and no I wasnt a dumb jock, I was very smart, I just didn't apply myself. So was basketball linked to bad grades?

I believe if the gamer CHOOSES to stay up late gaming instead of handling his responsibilities it will have a direct result in his life weather it be grades or anything else, no homework = bad grades, no sleep = sleep related issues.

I hate that major media is bashing on gamers, just like they used to bash on rap, heavy metal, violent movies. Always looking for someone to blame for some kids not being "perfect", What happened to blaming poverty and drugs? Corrupt politicians? Racist news anchors (O'Reilly)?? Rarely is that to blame.

Some notes have also been proven that gaming enforces problem solving skills, quick wits and eye hand coordination. Although excessive game can leave your mind sloppy, but so can watching TV all day, like most of the finger pointers are doing anyways.

Although I can see how gaming is perceived to be a fault, seeing as how it is the "drug of choice" for addicted persons in this situation. People need to ask themselves, these kids have addictive personalities, so without gaming what would they be addicted to instead?