Thursday, 3 March 2011

Gears of War 3

Well now, its almost time for the gears of war 3 beta, which as you may know by my photo (gow3 logo) or anyone who games with me knows, I LOVE GEARS! I explain my love for gears as it bieng MY star wars. Now Jedi's dont hate, im not comparing the franchises, i'm just saying thats how much I love it.... so if anyone else here is a fellow gears head heres some info on the upcoming game/beta

release date: sep-20-2011
beta release: mid-april-2011
how to get into the beta, the only guaranteed way in is with a copy of Bulletstorm epic edition. (there will be other ways in, but space is limited)
If you are part of the beta through bulletstorm you automatically unlock an animated flaming lancer (assault rifle with chainsaw bayonet)
you have the opportunity to unlock 4 cosmetic unlockables.
Thrashball cole. The character Cole train was the biggest baddest Thrashball (football) player and his old uniform #83 is available by playing 70 games in the beta, than playing another 13 as Augustus "Cole train" Cole
Golden Retro Lancer (Pendulum Lancer) by using it for X amount of games in the beta.
there are 2 others that have yet to be mentioned.

That aside, improvements for gears of war 3.
as anyone whos played gears 2 knows, the online is.... inconsistent to say the least, how many times have you rammed your shotgun into the enemy's gut, pulled the trigger and watch him laugh at you then proceeding to kill you and spam you with messages calling you a skrub. This is due to connectivity to host issues, area, connection speed, host upload speed etc... Gears 3 is implementing dedicated servers. now to any REAL gear player, this is the best feature, I always say that if gears 3 was just gears 2 with a dedicated server i would be happy.
That bieng said... there is still a host advantage. The dedicated servers are only there to "pick up the slack" meaning, this is not confirmed, but i assume it means, that when you fight an enemy it will be a fair fight everytime, except when fighting host, in which case HOPEFULLY even with his advantage it will always be the SAME advantage each time, so u can adjust your strategy to fighting him accordingly, instead of just hoping your bullets connect properly.

whoo, That felt good to be able to say, now for the rest of the improvements

Human Shield Grenade tags - Now when u have an enemy in your arms as a human shield you can stick a grenade to his back and kick him into his friends for an explosive reunion.

Improved Tac Com - It is no longer black and white and fuzzy, it looks like a virtual Tron type of layout, which is cool, but what I have noticed is that when playing Capture the Leader you can now see an outline of the leader through walls when using the tac com, now I do not know if this is only when a teamate has line of sight of the leader, or if it works with any enemy within line of sight, but it looks like something people will either love or hate. Also I do not know if this "x-ray" vision works on other gametypes. I'm not Epic Games, I'm just reporting what I know, hear and see.

New gametypes...but not really
Submission - Before the launch of gears of war 2, alot of gamers were very excited to try "Submission Mode". 5v5 + 1 AI with a shotgun... the rules are simple, its like capture the flag... except the flag has a shotgun and a bad attitude. Simply incompasitate the "meat flag" and use him as a human shield bringing him to a circle, other team tries to stop you and do the same.
This game type didnt do so well, for various reasons I wont get into.

Guardian - 5v5, 1 player on each team get to be the "Leader" all other players have infinite respawns until they're leader is killed, then they have to do what they can with the 1 life remaining. Simple enough

Gears 3 - Capture the Leader. The rules are, 1 player on each team plays the "Leader" and the rest of the team has infinite respawns as long as the leader is far the same.. BUUUT! now you cant just kill the leader, you have to meat shield him and bring him to a circle. I do not know if that will end the game or cease the enemy respawns. but it looks cool, I have HEARD (not confirmed) the leader will be able to do something when meat shielded to hinder the enemy's progress...if not you could always yell at your team like a little girl bieng kidnapped by Ronald McDonald.

Team Deathmatch - New to the franchise, like most team deathmatches except its elimination style. each death takes away respawn tickets until you are the last one left, this is designed to leave the drama and clutch moments gears of war players know and love so much

Beast Mode - its like reverse Horde.
For those who dont know, horde is 5 players surviving wave after wave of enemy AI until you reach wave 50 or die a lonely virgin... horde is best for people who suck, or are new to the game getting used to the controls.
Now Beast mode you will get to play as the locust hordes, sort of like Left for dead Versus or Scavenger. Now I do not know it players will be able to play as the COG during horde mode but i would expect that you can. The more you play the bigger Locust you can unlock to play. Epic does not want this to be unlockable the first time you play, so it will take some time to get the really badass ones.

ok what else?
new weapons
1 shot - heavy weapon, mountable sniper rifle that kills in...u guessed it..1 shot

digger - grenade launcher that diggs underground then pops up like an unwanted boner infront of your classmates and goes boom... usefull for people in cover.

Pendulum Lancer (retro) Assault rifle used during the Pendulum wars, a HUGE blade bayonet replaces the iconic chainsaw, expanding reticle when fired so it will probably be best used as a burst weapon, I've heard it it great for taking out shotgunners, so I'm ASSUMING the lessened accuracy will be compensated by extra power. also has a charge attack like the chansaw, except you run into your enemy and spear them up into the air and toss them like a prom date.

Gorgon Pistol - In gears 2 it was a full auto in burst pistol, fun to use but mostly useless, it is upgrading to a SMG style pistol, could be interesting.

Hammerburst will now have ironsights for better accuracy, also a franchise first.

Double barreled Shotgun, easy enough to explain, LOOONG reloads, devastating killing power per shot.

All weapons will now have multiple executions EACH (even the mortar), you will have to unlock them by using said weapon and earning experience... the longer the execution the more experience... risk vs reward.

other notes,

the roddie run looks alot faster, eliminating the need to roll every 5 seconds to keep up speed.

If theres anything i missed please let me know (i was just doing this quickly off the top of my head)
and i look forward to playing with u guys in the beta


  1. tldr; allot of people say they like this game but I'm not sure it will be my thing. I might rent it.

  2. Super excited for this game. Can't wait.